The Siberian American: My Current Summer Obsessions + Kate Spade Giveaway

Friday, July 17, 2015

My Current Summer Obsessions + Kate Spade Giveaway

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With the move to Chicago and doing freelance work, I sometimes feel like I’m on summer vacation. If the weather ever cooperates (it’s 66 today!), I am looking forward to days lounging on our pool deck with my laptop! Before that time comes, I thought it would be fun to put together a list of things I have been obsessing over this summer.

Light dresses
Of course, I have to start off my list with dresses. Even with my windy Chicago problems, I love fun, light dresses in the summer and always have a list in my head of ones I want to buy. Currently, I love this petite shirred dress from LOFT, and I just bought this super cute (and cheap!) pleated dress.

Colorful pants 
I used to stay away from bright colors, but this summer I’m all about colorful pants. I bought these pants in five colors (mint, teal, bright blue, hot pink, and orange), and I will keep buying colors as they come out! It is so hard for me to find pants that fit, and these are so comfortable.

Chambray shirts
I am so glad chambray is popular this summer because I love the look, especially with my colorful pants. Plus, the material is so light, which makes it perfect for hot summer days. My chambray shirt is sold out, but I also love this one from Loft, and I purchased both of these colors.

Coola Sunscreen Spray 
I am picky about scents, but the COOLA citrus mimosa spray is fantastic. It doesn’t feel sticky, and it’s infused with anti-aging antioxidants, which couldn’t hurt. I also really like the COOLA fresh mango moisturizer.

A big hat 
If I’m headed to the pool or the beach, I love wearing big hats, but they are annoying to carry around when I’m not wearing them. I recently received the Cappelli Straworld Pack A Hat, a fun, white floppy hat that solves this problem by being able to fold into a miniature wristlet bag. I love that once I’m done wearing it, it easily folds into the bag until I need it again. Plus, the bag is big enough that I can fit my favorite sunscreen and lip gloss with the hat.

The best part is the Pack A Hat was made with specifically selected material to give it an SPF 50+ rating. Most of my other hats are hard to pack because they take up so much room in my suitcase, so I can’t wait to bring the Pack A Hat on my next beach vacation!

A complimentary Pack A Hat was provided to me in exchange for this review. All opinions are my own. 

With the summer heating up, so should your wardrobe! I've teamed up with some lovely ladies to give you a chance to win $175 to Kate Spade. Enter in the Rafflecopter below!

What are your current summer obsessions?


  1. You're my kinda girl - you bought the pants in five colors!!! And the chambray looks great paired with it. Happy weekend!

  2. I have never heard of pack a hat! That is too fun! And I have about 27000 different pairs of colorful jeans too. Sometimes I look at them and am like... how did I get so many!

  3. oooh those pink pants look great on you! i don't wear brightly coloured pants, just not my jam. i also got rid of all my chambray shirts because i felt like i wasn't wearing them and now i want one back lol. i love pleated dresses!

  4. I love those pink pants of yours. Ok, I live in Chambray shirts in the summer. I thought I had three but really I have six. Oops!

  5. That outfit is so cute. I love that you bought those pants in different colors too!

  6. I'm a fan of colorful pants too although I don't have a pink pair! Those are cute and nice giveaway~

  7. Oooo I LOVE those pants, colorful pants are so fun! Love chambray too, you look great!

  8. YES to light dresses and colorful pants! Those pants look fabulous on you gurlie ;-)

    Happy Friday!

  9. Yay for adorable dresses and pants!


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