The Siberian American: Three Relaxing Destinations in Italy

Monday, September 8, 2014

Three Relaxing Destinations in Italy

Italy is full of so many must-visit places, especially the popular cities of Rome, Florence, and Venice. After we visited Milan, Venice, Florence, Rome, and Naples all in a row, I was both physically and mentally exhausted from trying to visit as many cultural sites as possible in a limited time. I was incredibly thankful that we had decided to add a number of places to unwind to round out our Italian itinerary. During that trip, we picked five relaxing destinations. Today, I’m sharing three of my favorites.


Capri is not just my favorite relaxing destination in Italy—it is one of the most beautiful places that I have ever visited. After two weeks visiting museums and other attractions, there was nothing better than walking around with a local lemon drink in my hand, looking out at the breathtaking scenery. I also really enjoyed taking a boat tour of the island with a stop at the Grotto Azzurra, where the light turns the water in the cave into a brilliant blue.

See: Grotto Azzurra (The Blue Grotto), boat tour from the Marina Grande, take a summit up to Monte Solaro in Anacapri for incredible views of Anacapri and the Gulf of Naples, and Villa Jovis.


I asked my husband to pick a random city in Italy where we could relax for a few days, and he picked Stresa, a city on the banks of Lake Maggiore. I had no idea what to expect, but we had an amazing time. We spent our days walking along the banks of Lake Maggiore and taking boat rides to the Borromean Islands. It was so relaxing to explore the gardens at Isola Bella and the colorful markets at the small fishing village of Isola Pescatori.

See: Lake Maggiore, Isola Bella, Isola Pescatori, cable car to Mount Mottarone, and Alpine Gardens.

Cinque Terre:

Although the hikes in the five villages of Cinque Terre are not always relaxing, I was able to unwind by sitting on the patio of a restaurant, looking out towards the gorgeous seaside views. The Via dell’ Amore is an easy walk that offers incredible views of the sea. We stayed just outside of Cinque Terre in the city of Moneglia to save money, and Moneglia turned out to be a treat! There was a beautiful beach away from the crowds where we could relax after a day in Cinque Terre.

See: Via dell’ Amore, hiking trails, explore all five villages. 


  1. I've always wanted to visit Capri. It looks gorgeous and fabulous!

  2. Gorgeous pictures! I have been to Capri and it is so beautiful. I would love to visit those other places too. :-)

  3. I somehow missed all of these when I studied abroad there, but Ventotene which is a small island off the coast of Capri is seriously stunning as well! Capri is on my list as is Cinque Terre!!

  4. oh each place looks amazing. we are hoping to go to Italy next year, i'll try and squeeze these places in as well!

  5. I want to go to Cinque Terre so badly, you're so fortunate to have visited all 3 beautiful places (and thank you for inspiring a bit of wanderlust in me, maybe it will motivate me to get moving and plan a trip!) xo

    1. Thanks, Georgina! I am definitely fortunate. I hope you get to visit these places too! :)

  6. I want to go to Italy so bad. It looks amazing! And sounds like such a great adventure.

  7. I loved cinque terre! But i'd love to visit Lake Como and Milan someday! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  8. I loved reading this! I completely agree about visiting all the top cities in Italy... they are AMAZING but it can be so exhausting! I loved cinque terre but have yet to visit the other two! My husband and I already have Capri on our must see before we leave again but now we will have to add Stresa to the mix as well!! :) Thanks for the tips! Ciao!

  9. Love the pics. We just got back from Italy a few months ago but we spent all our time in Tuscany. If anyone wants a quiet, relaxing place while inland they could spend a few days in Bagno Vignoni. The water is to die for!


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