The Siberian American: Our Five Year Wood Anniversary Gifts

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Our Five Year Wood Anniversary Gifts

On July 25, Chris and I celebrated our five year anniversary. We I decided that we should do the traditional anniversary gifts every year. The first few years were easy (though last year’s fruits and flowers was also tough. I ended up doing a play on words since no guy wants fruits or flowers as a gift…but that’s a story for another day).

When I looked up the five year anniversary gift and saw wood, I had no idea what to do. All I could find when I searched for gift ideas was cutting boards, wood jewelry, and furniture, and Chris wouldn’t exactly appreciate any of that. Enter Etsy. I had no idea what I was looking for, but I am glad I found it.

Personalized wood greeting card:

I was so excited when I saw this anniversary card. It was neat to have something personalized to remember our anniversary.

Paris photo on wood:

I knew I wanted something personal that we could hang in our house. I loved the options for photos on wood that MadeforMineBoutique had, and I think our sepia Paris photo is such a great reminder of our time in Europe.

Chris got me this wooden sign:

I love it, and I’m going to put it on my desk at work for those long days when we don’t get to see each other.

But the best part of his wooden gift was… 

About a month before our anniversary, Chris told me he was working on a project for me in the laundry room (which he called his “lab”) and that I wasn’t allowed to go in there (fine with me if he wants to do the laundry!).

He spent hours creating wooden earrings for me! He painted them, drilled holes in each earring, and assembled the hooks. He even thought to buy the protective backs! He painted Baylor earrings, Texas earrings, America earrings, and lots of different colors and stripes. Here are three of the earrings he made:

Now I need to start thinking about candy and iron!


  1. You guys are so cute and creative, I love that you're doing the traditional gifts every year!

  2. that is SO COOL! those earrings look great. He did awesome. I seriously laughed out loud that he called the laundry room "the lab" HA!

  3. These are such fun gifts. How incredibly sweet that he made such an effort with those earrings. They're adorable!

  4. Those earrings he made you are way too cool! I love the photo on wood, too! We're on our "fruit and flowers" anniversary in a couple months and I'm really wondering still what I'm going to do about that...

  5. these are so cute and such great ideas! it makes me wish my husband and I followed the anniversary guidelines!

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  8. These are awesome! May I ask what main cutting tool do you use? I was told a circular saw is great beginner cutting tool especially for small DIYs.

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