The Siberian American: Three Great Day Trips From Paris

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Three Great Day Trips From Paris

Though there are enough attractions in Paris to last months, I enjoyed the day trips I took to explore other areas. Today, I am featuring three of my favorite day trips from Paris.

Travel time: 35 minutes

I couldn’t write a list featuring day trips from Paris without mentioning Versailles. For me, it was every bit as magical as people claimed. The gardens were beautiful, the rooms were glamorous, and it’s so close to Paris that it’s a no brainer.

Travel time: 3-4 hours

Though Dijon is a bit far for a day trip, it is worth visiting. This historical capital of the province of Burgundy is known for its mustard, but I was more impressed by its beauty. I loved following the owl trail to explore Dijon’s best sights, including the Palais Ducal, which holds the museum of fine arts.

Loire Valley
Travel time: Anywhere from one hour to three hours

I could seriously spend a week just exploring the gorgeous castles in Loire Valley. The wine is not too shabby either. My three favorite castles on our trip to Loire Valley were Château d’Amboise, Château de Chambord, and Château de Chenonceau. 



  1. Your pictures are stunning! Making me really want to travel - and when I go to Europe I'll definitely check out your blog for places to visit. :)

  2. I so badly want to go to Versailles, I hear it's just divine. I love all your pictures.

  3. Totally agree with Versailles - hands down a wonderful experience right outside of Paris and SO easy to get to!! Sadly that was the only day trip we did and even then it was only half a day! Loire Valley sounds so amazing!!!

  4. ahh this is awesome! we are hoping to go to Paris next summer and we wont be there for long, so while I do want to spend a day in Versailles, I am not sure I can work a Loire Valley day trip in - there are bus tours and all that but I'm not sure it's feasible right now - though I'd love to go there one day!

  5. I've never been to Paris, but this seems like a perfect way to spend the day there!

  6. I'm dying to travel to some of the amazing places you escape to. DYING!! But until I actually make that dream a reality, I'll just be content to live vicariously through your posts.

    -Claire @

  7. Versailles is definitely a MUST. When I was in Paris this summer, I felt so bad because I sent my friends to Versailles (I'd been there before and wanted to have a day to myself). The palace was closed! They got to tour the gardens, but that was it. I still feel bad about it.

  8. I studied in Versailles during undergrad! While the chateau and gardens are absolutely a must, the city itself is very charming as well.


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