The Siberian American: Guest Post: From High Street to Main Street: Styling Basics for Any Occasion

Monday, February 27, 2017

Guest Post: From High Street to Main Street: Styling Basics for Any Occasion

Hi, friends! I'm off exploring Colorado with my love, but I've got a great guest photo for you today! I decided not to ask for guest posts this time (this one happened to be already in the works), so I'll be taking a few days off from the blog. I'll be back on Monday with my quick thoughts about our trip! If you want to follow along with us on our trip, check my Instagram (thesiberianamerican) or SnapChat (SiberianOlya).

We’ve all had those days. You have to be up at dawn for work or school, a million things need to get done, and on top of that, you’ve committed to plans that evening when you know you’ll be fantasizing about a pint of Cherry Garcia, fleece-lined sweatpants, and Season 2 of Scandal waiting for you on your Netflix queue. On that day, which will, of course, be flourished with freezing rain and an overcast sky, the last thing you may want to think about is how to look cute. So, you drag yourself out of bed and take a long, hard look at your closet. What sartorial battle armor do you choose to get you through the next 18 hours? To get you through any flurry of activity where the logistics of styling need to take a seat, let’s go over some tips and tricks that can transform your look for any occasion no matter what you’re wearing.

One Piece From Day to Evening

Whether you’re shopping from a brick & mortar or online dress boutique, you should always look for a single, defining high-quality dress that can be your go-to for anything from a 9 a.m. boardroom meeting, drinks with the girls after work, or even a six-hour flight. Opt for something in a classic, figure-flattering cut that ends just above the knee like a classic A-line, or even a wrap dress. Whatever you choose, think about how it’ll play well with the rest of your wardrobe. Layer a blazer or cardigan over it during the day, and style with a leather jacket, or an on-trend bomber for a fun night out.

Keep Your Colors Simple

Part of wearing a great, low-maintenance outfit for a number of occasions and settings is keeping your colors in check. You don’t need to buy an all-black wardrobe like some chic fashion ninja, but one aspect that can allow your basics to pull double duty from day to evening is their color. If you’re old enough to recall when Sharon Stone famously wore a charcoal grey Gap turtleneck to the 1996 Oscars, then you can see that even the most basic of basics can be styled to suit any affair. While you may not be going to a star-studded award show tonight, let’s say that you do have a turtleneck or basic top in one of your drawers. Pair it with a sleek, tailored jacket in a complementary tone, like a seasonal jewel tone like emerald green, ruby red, or inky blue, and you’ll have yourself a chic, menswear-inspired minimalist look that works at all hours of the day.

That Day to Night Glow Up

Going back to our example of a classic, signature dress, you can easily go from day to night with some distinct accessorizing and make-up magic. Let’s say you wear your LBD or favorite wrap dress to work and you’ve styled it appropriately with a blazer or cardigan for professional meetings. You can accessorize for crisp functionality with a stylish wristwatch, minimal bangles, more subdued neckwear, or earrings, and finish off your look with just some BB cream, concealer, and light eye makeup. Fast forward to happy hour and switch out those flats for some cute, complementary wedges or heels and much more expressive jewelry and makeup. Consider a smokey eye, a darker lip color, and some dry shampoo that can give your hair that fresh salon look even if you’ve just been sitting at your desk all day. For more inspiration on day to night transformations, InStyle has some great tips as well.

Always Be Ready

Whether you’re a staunch minimalist or you’re shouting that you have nothing to wear from under a pile of basic tees and tops, there’s something to be said about having a unique look that can take you from day to evening and from work to play with minimal effort. Whether you’re working overtime or taking care of kids or any other obligations, it’s totally possible to take something as simple as a plain white tee and turn it into a statement look with some fashion-forward twists and tips. But, above all else, remember that styling yourself should be as fun as it is flattering. Choose pieces and craft looks that draw out your best features and put a smile on your face and remember that confidence is always in style!

Author Bio: Elaine Gren is the CEO and creative director of As a multi-talented boutique owner and stylist, she enjoys helping clients from all walks of life find styles they love.


  1. I'm all about easy things. I love day to night things like this! Hope you are having fun!! XO - Alexandra

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  2. All such good tips!!

    And girl, I hope you are having a great time! :)

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