The Siberian American: Miami Wynwood Walls

Friday, August 5, 2016

Miami Wynwood Walls

Have you read the Verbal Gold Blog yet? I love that it is a collaboration by Ady and and nine other girls all over the country. Today, she is sharing a fun post about the Miami Wynwood walls!

The Miami Wynwood Walls are nothing short of amazing! I took a stroll through the streets and found some preeeeetty walls! #blogphotoheaven You go through some sketchy areas to get there and I definitely wouldn't recommend wandering these streets alone at dark but these blocks have some amazing bars, juice bars, and restaurants! There is even graffiti on the street! #TinyNinjas
Everywhere I go stilettos are flying out of the sky
The last boom box picture above is my favorite! I love Bob Marley on the back wall too! This wall art can be seen from the highway and took me forever to find. I clearly spent the better half of a day there since it got dark on me. Well worth it though! Have you ever been to Miami's Wynwood Walls? Don't forget we're on snap chat and insta and basically everything out there @VerbalGoldBlog so holler at your girls. hah.

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  1. I love the Wynwood Walls! I went last year on a girls' trip and have been really wanting to bring my husband. I also really love Panther Coffee right near there. :)

  2. These really are the coolest walls! I've never seen (or heard of) them! I really like the art on the sidewalks/streets, too :)

  3. How amazing are these walls?! Definitely a must-see next time I'm in Miami, and love that there are some neat bars nearby too <3
    Green Fashionista

  4. All of that street art is so pretty! I think that I want to visit Miami just so I can stop by and see the Wynwood Walls because it totally looks like a blogger's paradise!

  5. That is so, so cool! I love street art and that looks like such an amazing place! Love that picture with the gun and the hearts. :)

  6. Those walls are awesome! I really need to make it down to Miami someday!


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