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Monday, July 25, 2016

Eight Things to Do in San Francisco

Ashley from The Wandering Weekenders and I both share a huge love for travel, and I love reading all about her fun adventures with her husband. Today, she has a great post about eight things to do in San Francisco, one of my favorite cities. Thanks so much for sharing it with us, Ashley!

Hello The Siberian American readers, my name is Ashley and I blog over at The Wandering Weekenders. A couple of years ago my husband earned Companion Pass through Southwest Airlines which means that anywhere he flies, I can fly with him, for free. Needless to say, our traveling hearts got super excited, and even though we both work typical 9-5 jobs, we still find the time to travel, especially on the weekends.


One of the things that I've love reading about on Olya's blog is all of the adventures that her and her husband get to go on. Last year, Olya and Christopher went on a California road trip, which, of course, makes me want to visit California all over again! We haven't visited San Francisco in a couple of years, so I thought that I'd talk about the 8 things you have to do when visiting San Francisco!
  1. Ride a cable car- Perhaps one of the most iconic things about San Francisco is the cable cars. They've become almost a symbol of this beautiful city, and it definitely beats having to walk all of the hills yourself! Beware though, you'll probably have to wait in line for quite a while in order to ride one, especially since everybody else wants to ride on a cable car too!


  2. Walk or bike the Golden Gate Bridge- Probably the other most iconic image of San Francisco is the Golden Gate Bridge. That beautiful red bridge isn't just something beautiful to look at though, it has some of the most amazing views of the city! So take the time to rent bikes and bike across, or take an hour and walk across it yourself! I promise that you'll be wanting to stop every few minutes because the view will get better and better!


  3. See the sea lions on Pier 39- Pier 39 in San Francisco has become such a touristy spot, not only because of all the shops and restaurants that tourists can visit, but also because of the famous sea lions that sit on top K-docks at Pier 39. These beautiful creatures arrive in mass, and they definitely make their presence known with all of their barking, but it's not something to miss on your visit!


  4. Visit Alcatraz- One of the most infamous prisons in the United States, Alcatraz has become instilled in the minds of Americans through movies and books and other forms of pop culture. Be sure to book your tickets to tour Alcatraz in advance and arrive a little early to board the boat that will take you across the bay to Alcatraz, and you'll definitely enjoy the tour through this infamous prison that's narrated by former prisoners and correctional officers alike. And like the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz offers some pretty amazing views of the city of San Francisco as well!


  5. View the Painted Ladies in Alamo Park- If you're a 90's child like me, then chances are you grew up watching Full House, and vividly remember the Full House house that the zoom into several times an episode. That house is actually a part of a beautiful line of houses named The Painted Ladies that are right near Alamo Park. A stop by here is a must do for fans of Full House and lovers of architecture alike!


  6. Visit the largest China Town outside of Asia- Because of California's location to Asia, it's no surprise that a big a large population of Asians settled in that state. A huge population of Chinese immigrants settled in San Francisco and created the largest China Town outside of Asia and the oldest in the United States. Be sure to stop by here on your trip to San Francisco and enjoy not only some amazing Chinese food, but also the unique shopping and cultural experiences.


  7. Explore Golden Gate Park- Golden Gate Park is a large park located right in the middle of San Francisco that offers a variety of things to do. You could seriously spend a whole day here exploring the museums, the Japanese Tea Gardens, and the Botanical Gardens. Not only will you learn something during your time here, but you'll also be blown away by the beauty of Golden Gate Park.


  8. Visit the most crooked street in the world- There's probably two things that people know about San Francisco, that it's foggy city and that it's a city filled with lots of hills. To help keep a section of Lombard street from being so steep, in the early 20's 8 hair pin turns were added to the section between Hyde and Leavenworth streets. This section of Lombard street has gotten the reputation for being the most crooked street in the world, and that is what keeps thousands of people flocking to this street every day to drive or walk down this famous street!


  9. Well, now I officially want to head back to San Francisco and go and do all of these fun things! Maybe that needs to be a trip that I plan very soon! Are there any other things that you can't miss when San Francisco?

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  1. I can't wait to visit San Francisco one day! Pinning this for future use. :) Great list of amazing things to do!

  2. Love it! So sad we missed the seals when we were there. I'd go back just to see them.

  3. Ive never been to California but if I do I will definitely be visiting San Francisco, I need to see the Full House house! And the sea lions!

  4. Thanks so much for asking me to guest post for you! I love San Fran so much, and writing this post just made me realize how much I want to go back for another visit!

  5. I've always wanted to go to San Francisco.. I love this list of highlights!

  6. I've never been to California let alone San Francisco! It sounds like an awesome city! I'll have to add it to my West Coast dream-trip :)

  7. These are great tips . . . I didn't get to all of these on my last visit but saved for when we take our kids!

  8. I love SF! I think the only thing I haven't done on this list is Alcatraz. I just waved to it! How does one earn a companion pass? That sounds beyond awesome!

  9. i think san fran is the last city that i haven't been to in the US, but always wanted to go.. if that makes sense haha. i want to go lots of places, but i had a list of like 10 when i moved here and i think that's the only one left.

  10. I've lived in California almost my entire life and I have never truly been a tourist in San Francisco. I wanted to get there this summer, but it just didn't happen.

  11. This is the perfect list of things to do in San Francisco! Now that I live closer, I've had the opportunity to spend more time there and love every moment! Next time we will have to go to Alcatraz when we're in town :)

  12. We visited San Francisco in the spring and we did almost all of the things on your list - I didn't see any sea lions though. I can't say this was my favorite vacation, but I did enjoy the city.


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