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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Holiday Gift Guide: Ten Christmas Gifts Under $25

Tis the season for gift guides, so this year I thought I would do one of my own! I wanted to share some fun gifts under $25 that I know I would love to receive myself.

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Christmas Gifts Under $25

One. Blanket Scarf
I own this blanket scarf from Target, and it is so warm, soft, and cozy. I love the colors, and the price is great.

Two. Travel Desktop Calendar
I have mentioned how much I love this calendar in the past, and I think it would make a fun gift for those who love to travel.

Three. Wine Glass
I love wine glasses with cute sayings, and this stay fancy wine glass is one of my favorites.

Four. Chalkboard Ornament
I think ornaments make wonderful gifts, and this one is both cute and unique.

Five. Stemless Wine Set
I love this blue stemless wine set. The blue color is pretty, and the price is great.

Six. Bite Beauty Mix and Mingle
I love Bite products, and this Mix and Mingle lippie would make a nice stocking stuffer.

Seven. Coffee Mug
This Kate Spade coffee mug is perfect and a great reminder to live a little.

Eight. Ceramic Measuring Cups
It’s so fun to give Christmas-themed gifts, and I think these measuring cups from Crate and Barrel are both cute and practical.

Nine. Essie Holiday Nail Kit
Gift sets make nice gifts, especially when the gift set is nail polish. I think this Essie set has great colors.

Ten. Cozy Throw
I have about a million blankets at home, and I still love receiving them as gifts. This throw is perfect for the holiday season.


  1. Great picks. I love that eat cake for breakfast mug.

  2. I tried on a blanket scarf at American Eagle, but it seemed way to thick to wear as a scarf. I keep seeing people wearing them though and they look so cute. Maybe I should keep looking. I love the tan, green, and red plaid pattern they have out. My mom and I spent hours at Ulta this weekend trying on make-up. I'm dying to get my hands on some cute matte lip products. Just couldn't seem to find the right color this time around.

    1. The one I have isn't thick, but I have seen some that I definitely couldn't wear! I love matte lip products! You should try the Revlon lip stains! :)

  3. The measuring cups are very cute and wine glasses are always a good idea!

  4. Love the ornament.

  5. I'd love to get all that stuff as presents! I actually just ordered two blanket scarves from aerie because they were on sale for $10 each and free shipping, plus I had a $10 off coupon so I only paid $5 each and they are so soft!!

  6. I don't understand why my husband doesn't realize that blankets are wonderful, and that you can never have too many! Those stemless wine glasses are so adorable, and I would love to get them as a gift!

  7. I want those measuring cups!! These are great picks for the price point, and would be perfect for grab bag gifts too.

  8. I want that eat cake for breakfast mug! SO cute and I would love to eat cake for breakfast every day haha! And the chalkboard ornament is so fun!

  9. I'm all about a desktop calendar this year for some reason I want to get them for everyone!! xo, Biana

  10. Awesome round up! That Essie set is gorgeous! I have that KS mug and it's my absolute favorite <3

    Green Fashionista

  11. I have a blanket scarf on my list this year too, they are so cozy!

  12. i need that mug. i love all things KS and PINK!!! great list.

  13. I love that kate spade mug! I gave it as a gift last year!!

  14. I've never seen that throw before and now I have to have it! It's so cute, and so cheap! And I also need that KS mug.

  15. i absolutely need that travel calendar in my life. it would make a great gift for several people as well :)

  16. I will take everything, especially the travel calendar and the blanket scarf!

  17. I love everything on this list! Can I just get it wrapped and dropped at my doorstep please?

  18. That calendar is on my wishlist!


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