The Siberian American: Five Favorite Travel Posts from 2015

Monday, December 14, 2015

Five Favorite Travel Posts from 2015

Today I wanted to share some blog love and tell y’all some of the travel posts that have stuck out in my mind this year. Obviously, this is just a small sampler of all the posts I have loved.

The Ultimate Guide to Travel Resources by Shane at Sea Salt Secrets

I loved this huge guide packed with so many useful tools for traveling. I hadn’t heard of many of these and pinned this guide for future trips.

Paris Adventures | Eiffel Tower by Caitlin at Candyfloss & Persie 

With her amazing photography and storytelling, Caitlin made me nostalgic for the times I’ve been in Paris. I could read this blog post over and over.

The Magical Land of Gjáin, Iceland by Kaelene at Unlocking Kiki

Honestly, I could pick any of Kaelene’s posts because they are beautiful and make me want to hop on a plane to Iceland. I loved her post about Gjáin because it truly looks magical, and I am pretty much sold on anywhere that has gorgeous waterfalls.

Dublin-Our Trip Recap by Kristen at See You in the Porridge 

I really want to visit Dublin, and Kristen’s trip recap made me want to book a trip there ASAP. I love all of Kristen’s travel recaps, so y’all should check out her travel page.

Wanderlust Wednesday ~ Cruising by Kate at Green Fashionista 

I loved this recent post about cruising from Kate because I am also a huge fan of cruising! I think she makes great points as to why cruising is so fun.

What are some of your favorite travel posts from this year? Do you have a favorite travel post from my blog?


  1. I love how blogging gives you such a range of reading about things like this-it's so fun to read about different places and vacations from the standpoint of people you like, rather than just reading travel magazines!

  2. I really want to go to Ireland, so I'm going to have to look at Kristen's post before we actually plan a trip there. I remember reading it before and being so jealous!

  3. Travel posts are some of my favorite posts to read, and Kristen always makes me want to be right along with her on her trips. Kate's definitely made me want to go on another cruise soon, and I felt like I was right along with Caitlin during her Paris update!

  4. Iceland looks like such a unique place! It would be pretty incredible to go there.

  5. Thanks so much for sharing :) Gjain is my favorite place in Iceland it is so beautiful!

  6. They were really great travel posts!! I'll have to check out Iceland - it's on my travel list! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  7. These are such great posts about travel!! I totally want to go back to Paris.

  8. Awww thanks for the shout out gurlie, nothing is better than cruising! And loved Kristen's Dublin post. Now I need to check out that Iceland post!

    Green Fashionista

  9. I found Shane's post especially helpful, too!

  10. These are all such great posts! Thanks for sharing them xo

  11. aw shucks thanks for the shout out girlfran!! you are so sweet. i love all of these posts, travel posts are my fave :)

  12. Reading through this post made me realize that I have done ZERO traveling this year. That's unacceptable. 2016 for sure!

  13. omg, you are way too sweet to post my drivel!! :) Seriously, made me blush. Thank you.

    I LOVE these posts and read all except the Iceland one which I want to read now. Anything that tricks me into thinking I'm somewhere new for a second makes me happy. :)

  14. I love some of the Unlocking Kiki posts! Iceland is so incredible. I can't wait to check out these other ones you shared!


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