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Friday, October 2, 2015

Friday Favorites: Five Fall Recipes We Love

Happy October, friends! Now that the temperatures have dropped to the 60s, it really feels like fall in Chicago, and all I want to eat is comfort food. Today, I wanted to share five recipes that we make constantly in the fall.

Fall Recipe

/ / One
Sweet Corn Chili

We made Mix and Match Mama’s Sweet Corn Chili at least once a week last fall, and I can’t wait to start making it again.

/ / Two
Pumpkin Crumble Bread

We made Lisa Loves John’s Pumpkin Crumble Bread yesterday and had to restrain myself from eating the whole loaf in one sitting. It was so good, Chris brought the other loaf to share with other residents at the hospital.

/ / Three
Slow Cooker Chicken Cordon Bleu

I love using the slow cooker in the fall (and pretty much any other season), and Chef in Training’s Slow Cooker Chicken Cordon Bleu is delicious.

/ / Four
 Sausage and Corn Chowder

We don’t make a lot of soups in the summer, but once the temperatures fall, I love a good soup. Mix and Match Mama’s Sausage and Corn Chowder is an amazing pick-me-up meal after a long day.

/ / Five
Fall recipes from Michael Symon’s “5 for 5 for Every Season.”

I received Michael Symon’s new cookbook from Blogging for Books, and I’m obsessed. The book is divided into seasons and has easy recipes to make with five fresh ingredients and only five minutes of heat. I’m sure y’all noticed that the recipes I mentioned above aren’t exactly healthy. As much as I love those meals, I try to make as many healthy meals a week as I can.

Some of my fall favorites from the book are pecan-crusted chicken with fresh cranberry sauce and autumn panzanella. With Pinterest, I rarely use cookbooks anymore, but I still love having a physical copy of the recipe to use while cooking. I might just have to try all 165 recipes in this book!

I received a copy of "5 for 5 for Every Season" from Blogging for Books for review, but all opinions are my own.

I love trying out new recipes! What are you making this fall?

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Hope y'all have a wonderful weekend! 


  1. That pumpkin breads looks incredible! I made an apple crumble bread last weekend- it was soooooooo good!

  2. That sausage and corn chowder sounds so good!! I want to make it once it actually starts getting cool down south!

  3. I want to try all of these, especially that chowder!!

  4. That pumpkin bread sounds amazing!

  5. Oh my that pumpkin bread sounds amazing.

  6. All of these sound delicious, especially that pumpkin bread. Even with Pinterest, I still love cooking books and am always looking for new ones. I will definitely have to check this out, plus I love Michael Symon's laugh. It's horrible, but charming at the same time so he can have all my money.

  7. Mmmm great choices, especially Lisa's pumpkin bread!

  8. I don't really get on the pumpkin bandwagon (something about Louisiana not really having a true "Fall" season), but MAN that bread looks AMAZING. I wish I could just call up a friend and be like, "Yo, meet me at my house tonight - we're making all the pumpkin!" Ever since the food aversions started with this pregnancy, I've (sadly) not been excited about chicken...sooo that sausage and corn chowder sounds like a super delicious alternative. Pinterest-saving, here I go!

  9. I'm pinning the crockpot cordon bleu. That sounds amazing! I've made chicken cordon bleu several times but not from the crockpot. It's probably so much easier to do.

  10. The temperature finally dropped in Texas, and I can't wait to start making soups/stews/chilis and using the heck out of our crockpot! The sweet corn chili looks and sounds amazing! Have a great weekend!

  11. I want that pumpkin bread. Give me allll the pumpkin flavored carbs. And all the soup! We love to have soup in the fall!

  12. Can you believe I've never once had any of these!! They all sound amazing! xo, Biana

  13. Mmmmmmm. So many good comfort foods! I will have to check out this chicken cordon bleu recipe as the crockpot is now being used for almost every meal in our house. I bet the sausage and corn chowder could be made in the slow cooker too!

  14. These all look DELISH especially that pumpkin bread and chicken cordeon blue <3

    Green Fashionista

  15. These all look SO good! I love comfort food this time of year! :)

  16. That Pumpkin Crumble Bread looks amazing!

  17. Haha, looks like you love corn as much as I do! And you know how much I'm obsessed with a good slow cooker recipe (I'm actually sharing one on the blog tomorrow). I'm definitely trying a few of these :)


    1. I love corn, probably even more because it was banned in my house growing up! Haha. So excited to check out your crockpot recipe! :)

  18. That pumpkin crumble looks so good! It is healthy if it has pumpkin in it right ;)

    Annie- All Things Big and Small

  19. I love these! I make a pumpkin bread that is very similar and sometimes eat a loaf in a day. No shame. It is too good. Sometimes I will get a cooked chicken from the store and use it in the corn chowder instead. Delicious :):)

  20. slow cooker cordon bleu? yum!! and that chili looks amazeballs.

  21. That crumble bread is official bookmarked! Fall recipes are the best.

    <3 Have Ashley


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