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Friday, November 21, 2014

Friday Favorites: Caramel Apple Spice Love

Happy Friday, friends! It’s been a bit of a rough week. I got super sick and had to miss two days of work (which I hate doing), but thankfully, I am starting to feel a lot better! Here are my Friday favorites this week:

/ / One:
I got to see my hubby for five days straight! He is at another interview in Rhode Island right now, but he comes home tonight. He has one more interview early next week, and then we get to spend a few days together for Thanksgiving. What a blessing!

/ / Two:
We are going to the Dallas Arboretum with my parents for a night Christmas event next week. Spending time with family+the arboretum decorated for Christmas=happiness.

/ / Three:
Speaking of the holiday season, my hubby brought me a caramel apple spice from Starbucks on one of the days that I have been sick, and I can’t believe that I hadn’t tried it before! My go-to winter drink is the white peppermint mocha, but I will definitely be getting the caramel apple spice on days I don’t want caffeine.

 / / Four:
I just finished The Look of Love by Sarah Jio (I got an advance copy), and I thought that it could be cheesy (It’s about a woman who has a gift of telling if people are actually in love by looking at them.), but it was surprisingly sweet. If you are looking for a cute, fast, romantic read, The Look of Love fits the bill. It will be released next week on November 25.

/ / Five:
I put this photo on Instagram last night, but I can't help posting it again. I seriously have the cutest pup.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! 

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  1. aww your puppy is so cute! and that book sounds interesting, i'll add it to my list!

  2. YAY FOR HUSBAND TIME!!! Good luck in the interviewsssss!

    That picture is so cute!

  3. Glad you're feeling better! I haven't really tried a lot of the different Holiday drinks at Starbucks because I usually get reg coffee, but that one sounds really good! Might have to order it soon! :) What a cutie (your dog)! Have a nice weekend. :)

  4. Have you tried the salted caramel mocha at Starbucks? That's my new favorite one now! I'll have to check out the caramel apple spice one next :-)

  5. I'm going to go check out that book - right up my alley!! Hope you enjoy some hubby time this weekend!!

  6. I have never even heard of caramel apple spice!! YUM!

  7. Awww! I love your doggie! So cute! Hope you had a great weekend!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  8. I hope you're fully recovered from being sick! That is so sweet of your hubby to bring you some Starbucks, I know Starbucks cures a lot of things. :)

    Your dog is so stinkin' cute, hope you have a great rest of your week!


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