The Siberian American: Anthony Update: Months Five and Six

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Anthony Update: Months Five and Six

Well, friends, move number eight in eight years of marriage is in the books! Our place is slowly starting to look more like a home, though I’m definitely taking my time with unpacking this time around compared to usual. I started to write a life update, but it felt like all I was doing was complaining because I’m having a hard time getting used to this new place and am really missing our old apartment. I think that life update will have to wait until I’m a bit further removed from the move. Instead, I thought I would share more about Anthony!

General Thoughts
I don’t even know how it’s possible that my baby is already six months. Everything they say about how fast time goes when you become a mother is true. These last few months have been so much fun with all the giggles and learning!

Who Does Anthony Look Like?
I debated on whether to leave this question or not this time because I don't really have a good answer, but I think it’ll be fun to remember all the changes in his appearance. The major developments on the looks front is I think Anthony’s eyes are turning green! When I’ve looked at him on a sunny day, I can see a hint of green, and other people have started to mention the same thing to me. Chris and I both have green eyes, so I’m excited that Anthony might have them, too. He also has quite a bit more hair, but it’s hard to tell because it’s mostly blonde!

We are a nickname family. I have about a million nicknames for Chris and Skyler, and Anthony now has a bunch, too. The ones used most often are Tosha (his Russian nickname), Buddy Bear, and Little A.

So many fun things have happened over the last two months, but the biggest milestone is we gave Anthony solids on his six-month birthday, and he absolutely loves everything he has tried! So far we have stuck with veggies, and Anthony has eaten sweet potato (his first food), peas, and carrots. I was pretty surprised because he actually ate everything we gave him the first day we tried (and would have kept eating and eating). I thought he would spit it out and there would be a big mess, but he made basically no mess. Anthony is also a huge talker and loves making new sounds.

Anthony was a trooper during his first move! Knowing us, it’s one of many, so I was glad to see it didn’t affect him much.

At this point I’ve come to terms with the fact that Anthony just isn’t a good sleeper. He has never slept through the night, and until recently, he would wake up about every two hours. Now he will sometimes sleep three to four hours straight for the first two cycles and then wake up every hour towards the morning. In general, he takes really good naps, though. His morning and afternoon nap are usually an hour or two, so if he’s had an especially rough night, I’ll take some time to sleep. He does still sleep in our room in a pack and play, and I am considering transitioning him to his crib to see if he does better.

Anthony on Easter
I made it to six months exclusively breastfeeding! It hasn’t been the easiest journey (I might share more of it with y’all at some point), but I am proud we’re at the halfway goal. Anthony currently eats about every three hours during the day. Like I mentioned above, we are also slowly starting to introduce solids. Last Friday we went out to eat with Chris’s parents, and when his dad sat Anthony at the table, he started mimicking chewing and showing us he also wanted to eat some dinner! We were cracking up that he knew that’s what we were about to do.

Anthony basically likes everything. Chris and I always say we’ll take the difficult nights because Anthony is such a great baby during the day and very rarely fusses. He has recently started enjoying his jumper and really loves playing on the floor. He also always wants to reach out and pet Skyler, but she mostly prefers to ignore him. Musical toys are still his favorites, along with anything that rattles. I’m hoping to get my act together and write a post about all of our favorite things from zero to six months in case it helps someone (and so that I have it for future reference!).

Like I said, Anthony doesn’t really have a lot of things he dislikes. Tummy time hasn’t been a favorite lately because all he wants to do is roll from his tummy to his back. I guess I could also include sleep in this category, too.

I’ve been trying as hard as I can to soak in these sweet moments with Anthony. I know soon he will be mobile, and I’ll miss these days of early morning chats and giggles and hours of floor play. Motherhood is strange in that I love that he is so cute and little right now, but I am also so excited for all the new things he’s going to learn.


  1. He is soo sweet and his little smile is the cutest! I can't imagine moving so many times in such a short period, but I hope you start feeling more settled in your new place soon :) So awesome that he is a good eater as you're starting solids! I would definitely love to hear about what toys he's loving since we're getting closer to that point.

  2. Girl I am so sorry that Anthony isn't a good sleeper! I seriously don't know how you do it! But at least he's happy during the day! It just breaks my heart when the girls are being fussy because I just want to make it better. Anthony seriously has the most beautiful eyes, and that's awesome that they're turning green! It's looking like the girls might keep their blue eyes, which will mean they're like me too! And hooray for starting solids and for having him be 100% breastfed! That's seriously so amazing, and I don't know how you moms do it! All three of us just couldn't figure it out so I ended up switching to pumping instead. He's seriously so adorable, and I'm so glad that he's adjusted well to your new place! I can't wait to hear more about how he's developing!

  3. What a sweet boy and I can't believe he's 6 months already! Having a baby who doesn't fuss much is such a blessing! I love that photo of you and baby A playing on the floor! You look so happy! Emily @ Martinis & Bikinis

  4. Oh my gosh...when did he get so big?! What a handsome lil guy - those eyes, those eyelashes. Adorable. He looks just like you in that one picture of the both of you. Love it! :)

  5. Glad you're all moved and that part is behind you at least ;) You'll adjust to the new place. You're adaptable & that's a great thing! :)
    I love that Skyler hasn't quite accepted that she's not an only child anymore :D Hahaha! I love your little nicknames for Anthony, too!! He's so sweet! Yay green eyes like mom and dad!!

  6. He is so so adorable! He looks like such a happy baby!

  7. He is so cute!! I hope things get better with your new place and it starts to feel more like home. I love the picture of you and Anthony together. Sierra~Beautifully Candid

  8. Oh my gosh! Too cute! I love the picture of the two of you!! He looks so much like you! I don't blame you, moving can be hard --- and missing the place you were before/adjusting is also really hard! Hang in there lady! I can't believe your handsome little guy is 6 months already!! :) XO - Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  9. Oh, what big eyes he has! Such a cutie! I love the one where he is trying to get the giraffe in his mouth!

  10. Oh my goodness, how is he already 6 months?! I'm so sorry he hasn't started sleeping through the night yet, I hope he starts sleeping better soon. You'll feel like a whole new person!
    Green Fashionista

  11. Oh, how sweet is your little guy! Once they hit the 6 month mark they become so much more fun! Soak up every second!

  12. Awww! I love the selfie of the two of you smiling. That's a framer for sure!! He has the best smiles (and the best eyes, but you already know I feel that way, lol.) I'm so sorry that the adjustment to the new place isn't going as well as hoped. Here's hoping it starts to feel like home soon. <3

  13. So much to love in this post! He's such a good little eater already! That's awesome! I hope he continues to enjoy the world of solid foods. And I love that he is so happy. So many of these smiling pictures had me smiling right back at him. The one of the two of you smiling is my favorite! So sweet! And so fun that his eyes are starting to show more green. It's so fun to see how our babies change as they grow.

    I really hope he starts hitting his stride with sleeping better at night soon. Maybe the move to his crib will be just what he needs. And I hope you start to feel more settled into your new place soon. Moves can be tough, but they are especially hard with a lack of sleep and when you are missing the place you were before. <3


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