The Siberian American: January 2017 PopSugar Must Have Box Review

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

January 2017 PopSugar Must Have Box Review

Hey, friends. I meant to show up here yesterday, but this weekend was a tough one with spending time with my best friend and going to her mom’s memorial. Thank you for all of your kind words on her passing.

Today, I wanted to share the contents of my PopSugar box. This was one of those months with a high value item I loved, which made everything else feel like extra. Overall, it was a nice combination of fun and useful items.

Note: This post contains referral links. If you decide to purchase a PopSugar box, I would love it if you used my link.

GOLDFADEN MD Fresh A Peel Multi Acid Resurfacing Peel ($85): 
I have heard so many good things about the GOLDFADEN MD brand, but at $85, I could never justify the price. I am so excited to try this peel. My favorite part of it is it only takes one to three minutes to work.

Manduka eQua Mat Towel in Playa ($38): 
I don’t do yoga, so I didn’t even know you need a towel for your yoga mat. I definitely think I can repurpose it, though, because it’s so soft!

May Designs Desk Calendar and Notecard ($25): 
I was so excited when I saw this item in the box! All of the designs are adorable, and I love that you can flip the card over and cut on the dotted line to turn each page into a notecard. Items like these are why I love PopSugar so much.

Daily Concepts Your Hair Wrap Towel ($18): 
I’ve never really used a special hair wrap towel, but this one says it helps eliminate frizz, so I am willing to give it a try.

Dean & Deluca Peppermint Loose Leaf Tea ($10.75): 
I love tea, but I don’t like peppermint tea. I’ll probably pass this on to my mom.

Sourcebooks Inc Instant Happy Notes ($8.99): 
This little book includes 101 sticky notes you can tear off to brighten someone’s day! I can’t wait to use these.

Special Extra: Glade No 3 Coconut and Beach Woods Candle ($4.99): 
This item is a special extra, which means it doesn’t count towards the value of the box. I am sensitive to a lot of strong smells, and I really hated this one. That said, it doesn’t bother me that this was in the box since it doesn’t contribute to its value. I’ll definitely pass it on to a friend who will enjoy it!

The total value of this PopSugar box was about $186. That’s a huge value for a box that only cost me $20 during the Black Friday sale.

If you are interested in a PopSugar subscriptionPopSugar is currently offering $5 of your first box with the code “MUSTHAVE5.”

What was your favorite item in my January 2017 PopSugar box


  1. I think that candle sounds delicious! Haha! But it also sounds like it's one of those scents you have to really like :) I use a towel wrap on my hair every day. I don't know about reducing frizz, but it does save me a towel and it's smaller than having a huge thing on my head.
    Is the yoga towel/cover the size of the mat? If so it's typically used in hot yoga :) It keeps your hands and feet from sliding when you're covered in sweat... Hahaha! I have one :)
    Sounds like a great box this month!!

  2. I used to subscribe to this box and stopped when I felt like their items were getting kind of crappy. It looks like they're stepping up their game again!

  3. I didnt even know PopSugar had a box... I'm going to have to check this out.

  4. hmm i am intrigued by the hair towel that eliminates frizz. i need help with that lol. the peel sounds interesting but i'd be scared that i'd fall in love with it and then not be able to buy it again lol. you got great value with this box!

  5. I just reviewed the January box too! My favorite item was definitely the peel. I already tried it and loved it! I also really liked the candle. Here's the link:

    I'm so sorry to hear about your friend's mother. I'm glad you were there for her at the memorial.

  6. Hooray for loving the expensive item this month! I actually just got a May Designs planner for the first time this year and I love it! So I think that receiving their desk calendar is so awesome! I'm glad that this month was such a hit!

  7. I'm interested to hear what you think about the peel. $85 is steep but if it's very effective then having a product you can use at home within minutes sure beats going to a salon and paying more.

  8. Overall looks like a great box! I have a hair wrap towel and absolutely love it! I love that you got some great high priced items, but sometimes those strong candles and scents are awful!

  9. I love hair wrap towels. I didn't know they sold some with a specific purpose in mind lol, I definitely need one. The frizz is real in Georgia.

  10. Bummer about that tea because that's a yummy flavor, but I'm with you on trying that head wrap towel will be interesting to see if it works!

  11. Wow - that's a quick peel (and an expensive one!)... what a great thing to be able to try at that price point!!

  12. Awesome! Glad you loved most of the box. I can't do fragrances or chemicals that aren't natural... so I wouldn't keep the candle either. I'm sure someone will love the candle, and it's good that you can pass the tea along to your mom! XO - Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  13. Let us know how the Goldfaden peel is!

  14. I didn't know that Popsugar even had a box! I love all your goodies in it! The Happy Notes sound adorable!!


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