The Siberian American: Friday Favorites: Snow Days and Family Time

Friday, November 20, 2015

Friday Favorites: Snow Days and Family Time

Happy Friday, friends! Hope everyone had a wonderful week. I’ve been preparing for a busy weekend and can’t wait to share all of our Chicago fun.

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Christopher’s family (my in-laws and brother-in-law and his girlfriend) is coming into town on Saturday morning for an early Thanksgiving with us. Chris doesn’t get Thanksgiving off this year, so it will be great to see family and spend a few days with them during the holiday season.

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Our first snow of the season is predicted for tonight, and I am so excited! I know I will be over it in a few months, but there is something about the first snow that is so exciting. The meteorologists are saying we could get anything from 2-6 inches, so I can’t wait to see this beautiful city covered in snow.

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Today is the last day to sign up for Mattie’s and my Blogger Christmas Cheer Exchange! We are going to have so much fun. All the details can be found here.

/ / Four
I am 15 books away from my new goal of reading 100 books this year! It’s crazy that in January, I was hoping I could finish 50 books, and now I might hit 100.

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Don’t forget that the $140 Sephora Gift Card giveaway is still going on. If you haven’t entered yet, now is the time. In the free entry, don't forget to put The Siberian American as the blog you used to enter. Thank you! sephora-giveaway
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I hope y’all have a wonderful weekend! I’m going to take Monday off to spend time with family, but I’ll be back on Wednesday.


  1. I am super impressed with your 100 books! Have a great Thanksgiving celebrating this weekend :)

    1. Thanks, Kaelene! I have loved reading so much this year! I'm so excited to see family! :)

  2. That's so exciting that you might get your first snow of the year tonight! I didn't even realize that it was that cold up there to maybe get snow! I hope you enjoy your family time this weekend, and I can't wait for the Christmas exchange!

  3. Im so happy to hear you'll be getting to spend time with family for thanksgiving!

  4. Have a great early Thanksgiving! Yay for snow!

  5. Have a wonderful early Thanksgiving!! I'm jealous you are getting snow. I cannot wait for the first snow fall.

  6. Have exciting that you might already get your first snow! Enjoy your early Thanksgiving, I'm sure seeing family will be very exciting.

  7. Have an amazing Thanksgiving with the fam, and yay for your first snow! The first couple snowfalls are always the best <3

    Green Fashionista

  8. Enjoy your early Thanksgiving celebrations this weekend and get some pics of the snow for us!!

  9. Good luck with your first snow girl!! Enjoy all the family time this weekend! xo, Biana

  10. Thanks for a great giveaway! Crossing my fingers! They are saying we will get snow this weekend too... we will see if they are right haha!

  11. Wow can't believe you could get snow! We may possibly get our first freeze this weekend! They say it could get to 31 which is by the far the coldest we have had. I am actually excited since it will make it feel more like the end of November. That is awesome about your book reading goals! I haven't read as many as usual this year, but I have a bunch to read for the holidays and I can't wait :) Have a great weekend!

  12. Have a great time with family!

  13. Ahhh I really hope we get snow here this year! So jealous. :) Hope you had a great day today with Chris's family!

  14. We got our first snow last night... almost 7 inches!!! AHHHHH!

  15. yayyy you are so close to your goal! you can do it.
    i dislike driving in snow, but i do quite like the first snow. it's kind of magical. for like 5 minutes. haha.


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