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Friday, September 4, 2015

Friday Favorites: College Football Edition

Happy Friday, friends! I am so ready for this long weekend and next week with my love. Here are my Friday favorites for this week:

/ / One:
Chris started his vacation on Wednesday! It’s so wonderful to have him home. After months of barely seeing each other, something as simple as getting to make dinner together is so fun. We are leaving on our trip on Tuesday! I can't wait to see a new part of the country with my man.

/ / Two:
Baylor football kicks off today! I am so excited to see the Baylor Bears on the field again. The start of college football really makes it feel like fall is here. Last year I wrote a post about why college football season is my favorite time of the year, and I still love it just as much.

/ / Three:
Since we can’t make it to a Baylor game this year, we decided to drive to Evanston tomorrow for Northwestern vs. Stanford. It will be fun to watch a game without caring about the outcome.

/ / Four:
I have been reading so much lately, and I can’t wait to share some of my favorite reads with y’all when we get back from our trip. I am currently reading The Weight of Feathers (c/o NetGalley), and so far it’s a great read about two families full of traveling performers trapped in a dangerous feud.

/ / Five:
I wanted to thank the High Five for Friday girls for making me their featured blogger this week! I love linking up with High Five for Friday each week and finding new blogs to read, so I was really excited to be picked as a featured blogger. Thanks, ladies!

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Hope y'all have a wonderful weekend! 


  1. Football season really is the most wonderful part of the year! That's so exciting that you're going to a game up there since you can't make it back to Texas for a Baylor game! I'm sure that it'll be fun to see what sort of traditions they have. Enjoy your vacation, and I can't wait to hear about it!

  2. Yayyy enjoy having Chris around and have the best time on your trip!

  3. Yay for college football season. I agree - it makes it feel like fall! I'm trying to talk David into waiting until the weather feels like fall before we hit up any games! I hope you and Chris have a great trip and get to enjoy some time together!

  4. Enjoy your time having Chris around. Hope you two have a wonderful weekend. Have fun at the football game.

  5. Yay football season! I totally get what you're saying about watching a game when you don't care about the outcome, after watching my Gators and stressing the whole game I usually have to watch a game with teams I don't care one way or the other to destress, lol! Have a great time on your trip!

  6. Congrats on being featured! Hope you guys enjoy all the vacation time together and that it doesn't go by too fast. ;-)

  7. I hope you guys have a great vacation, and congrats on being the featured H54F blogger! :)

  8. So glad you guys are spending some time together - always nice to reconnect! Have a great weekend and enjoy the game! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  9. I'm going to a Seawolves game next Saturday. Enjoy the game!!! I think it's more fun when pick a team to root for. ;)

  10. can't wait to hear what you've been reading!
    meanwhile i noticed in that picture that i guess your colours are green & gold? they are australia's colours :)

  11. My dad had season tickets to our college football games since before I was born. I was raised going to college football games. Sometimes, it is so much fun going to a game when your team isn't involved and just soaking up the atomosphere of other fan bases.

  12. I'm reading The Weight of Feathers too! I'm seriously like 98% done haha, like SO CLOSE. And yet I haven't made time to finish it. I really liked it! Have a great weekend watching football and enjoying Chris's vacation time!

  13. Hope you have a fun trip. That sounds like an interesting read.

  14. I hope you guys enjoy your time together, that is so great! p.s. I nominated you for an award on my blog. :)

    <3 Have Ashley


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