The Siberian American: August 2015 PopSugar Must Have Box

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

August 2015 PopSugar Must Have Box

The August 2015 PopSugar Must Have Box is the reason I love getting PopSugar boxes. I kept getting more and more excited as I pulled each item out of the box and ended up loving everything. Here is what I received this month:

American Colors Clothing Plaid Scarf ($79): I am always so excited when there is a scarf in my PopSugar boxes. I love the colors and patterns of this scarf (the back side is a gingham pattern) and can’t wait to wear it once it cools down! Do I think it is worth $79? No way. It’s definitely worth a spot in my PopSugar box, though! PS-I couldn’t find the exact scarf on the company’s website, so I picked the one that looked the most like it.

Royal Apothic Tea Balm Firming Eye Treatment ($36): I tried a sample of this eye treatment through one of my beauty boxes and loved it. I’m so glad PopSugar gave me a full-size version.

Shortstacks Birthday Cake Pancake and Waffle Mix ($7.99): Chris was beyond excited when he saw the mix in the box. He loves anything that’s birthday cake flavor. I can’t wait to make it together.

Toot Sweet Pink Stripe Large Napkin ($5.95): These napkins are so cute! I am going to use them at my next dinner party.

Happy Jackson Yay Lunch! Lunch Box ($10): This lunch box is so adorable. I am thinking of using it as an organization box since I don’t need a lunch box right now.

Pastel Best Day Ever Mug ($12): Like most people in the blogging world, I love mugs. This one is cute and is a great reminder to try to make every day the best day ever.

My Yoga Works Three-Month Trial ($45): I love that you don’t have to put in credit card information to redeem this trial. The videos look great, and I am looking forward to getting started on them.

Folgers Iced Cafe Caramel Macchiato Flavored Coffee Drink Concentrate ($4.99): I got sent four samples of the Folgers Iced Café Drink, but they accidently sent me two original lattes instead of a caramel macchiato. Chris loves these and uses them at the hospital, so he is eager to try the caramel macchiato flavor.

I came up with a total of $200.93 for this box. I seriously loved every item and wish I had another box to give as a gift!

What do you think of the August 2015 PopSugar Must Have Box? What is your favorite item in the box? 


  1. What a great box. I cannot wait to hear how you liked the Folgers Iced Cafe Caramel Macchiato Coffee Drink. I love those from Starbucks.

  2. I love scarfs - yes even in the Caribbean. And I love that you get a three month yoga trial. These boxes really do have good stuff!

  3. ooooh that scarf is pretty!!! definitely not worth $79 but i would love to get one in a box like this. love the idea of the yoga trial!

  4. Can I please join you guys on your cake-flavored pancake making day? Thanks!

  5. Oh my gosh I love that scarf!! And the mug! What a fun box!

  6. That box is awesome! This would be the kind of subscription service I can get behind! I don't need clothes sent with a styling fee or renting jewelry or beauty products/product samples...but I like the little bit of everything style of this box!

  7. Wow that box sounds great! Love trying new things

  8. Definitely one of the better boxes you've gotten! I love the mug and of course the lunch box is so cute!!

  9. I could really use that eye treatment! haha :)

  10. Ohh this sounds like a good box! That waffle mix sounds amazing!
    <3, Pamela
    Sequins & Sea Breezes

  11. You got some really cute things. I agree $79 seems steep for a plaid scarf. Sometimes I wonder how they come up with this retail values. lol The eye firming cream sounds awesome.

  12. I don't know if I could ever pay $79 for a scarf - that one is super cute though! And birthday cake waffles? Pretty much sounds like the best thing EVER!

  13. Awesome box! I'd love to try that firming eye cream and I'm a total sucker for birthday cake flavored anything <3


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