The Siberian American: Skyler Says: Blue Buffalo Wilderness Treats & JW Rhino Chew Toy Review

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Skyler Says: Blue Buffalo Wilderness Treats & JW Rhino Chew Toy Review

Hey there, Mama’s blog friends! Skyler here, also known as Sky Sky, but I prefer for everyone to call me Princess. Mama has been asking me to write a guest post for her for a while, but none of her ideas struck my fancy. Then the nice people at asked her if I would review TREATS…and a doggie just can’t say no to that, you know?

Now guys, these Blue Buffalo Wilderness Trail Treats DuckBiscuits were really something. Mama had never given me duck before, and I firmly believe she was holding out on me. I am happy to sit, get down, and even leave it…as long as I get my paws on that tasty biscuit as soon as possible. I liked it so much I kept going back to the spot I got it, just in case I had missed any leftover crumbs. Now every time I see the package, I get really excited. I vote that Mama should give me this treat at least 10 times a day. Can you guys help me in convincing her?
After having a tasty biscuit or ten, a pup has got to play. I was beyond excited when I saw Mama pull out a squeaky rhino toy. The JW Pet Rhino Chew Toy was so much fun! I loved pouncing on it and throwing it up in the air with my nose. The pesky thing was a little too big for me, so it kept trying to run away. No worries, though, I managed to tame it. Then, I carried it to my favorite chair, so I could keep an eye on it. It hasn’t caused any trouble since.
Anyways, I’ve been awake much too long and better hand the blog back over to Mama, so I can take a nap! I can’t wait to be back soon to share about more tasty treats with you, as long as you don’t expect me to share any of the actual treat!

Disclosure: sent Skyler a package of Blue Buffalo Wilderness Treats and a JW Pet Rhino to review. No further compensation was received, and all opinions are our own. 


  1. So adorable! I know Skyler must have gone wild over those!

  2. Oh how cute!! Skyler is loving the perks of blogging!!! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  3. Okay I am dying over that little Rhino thing! hahaha

    1. Me too! It was hilarious to watch her play with it. :)

  4. So cute! She even sounds like a princess. :-)


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